Automate Southwest Check In or any other website using RoboForm and Windows Task Scheduler

Here is a cool trick you can use to automate any website form or forms in the future.  You can use this to automate the Southwest Check In, or buy tickets just at the moment they go on sale.  Please comment on other uses.  This blog entry will walk you through the steps.

Start by installing RoboForm pick the appropriate version for your machine, make sure to install the “RoboForm Desktop”.  I’m running Windows Vista 64 Business and my screen shots will be from this OS.

Select Advanced Options so you can make sure it integrates with your browser.  It supports IE, FireFox, Chrome and Opera.  I use Chrome.

Be sure to select the browser you use day to day.

Best to only install RoboForm for yourself and not everyone on the computer.  So leave install for all users unchecked.

Enter the password 123456.  This is easy to remember and you will disable using password protection in a later step.
OK now you should have installed RoboForm and after the install you will see a small green computer in your Tray.  Right click on this icon and select “Options”.  We will now configure RoboForm as needed.

First start by only checking 3 options in the “General” settings as indicated below.
Next choose Login Browser and make sure your screen looks like this making sure to leave the Popup Blocker UNCHECKED.

Move on to AutoFill.  Important to uncheck the Offer to Fill as it will drive you crazy.  Don’t forget to Check “Fill & Submit is default…” 

Moving on to “AutoSave” turn it all off.

OK now skip down to “Security” make sure your screen looks like below.
Now click on on the button “Set Master Password, ..”This will bring up a screen to disable the password settings.  Type in your password 123456 then Check “Remove Master Password” and at the bottom select Uprotect All.

Next go to “Warnings” and uncheck any warnings.  On my install only the first box was checked.Next go to “Version” and unselect “Notify about new versions”.  Be sure to now click “OK” to save all your changes.Next you will want to customize the browser integration tool bar to remove all the stuff you won’t need.  Right click on the toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar”.

Remove everything except Logins and Save.  Click close.OK now you have configured RoboForm to sit quietly in the background while you use your browser day to day and not interfere.  Now you need to setup the web page or pages that you want Robo Form to automatically fill for you.

Go to the page you want RoboForm to fill.  Fill in the page with the information you want RoboForm to fill out on the page, then click on “Save” in the lower left.After clicking “Save” you will be prompted to pick a name for this.  I chose something meaningful so that if you have several items to be filled in the future you can tell them apart very easily.Next after you click Save.  You will want to click on “Logins”.Now you will select “Edit”.Now click on “Add to” and select Desktop Shortcut.Now you will have a Shortcut on your Desktop to your webpage that will autofill the page for you as long as RoboForm is running.  The next step is to use Task Scheduler to run said ShortCut at a time you specify.  Start by opening Task Scheduler.  Click on the start button and type “Task Scheduler” and run the program.Next select “Create Basic Task…”Next name your task something meaningful that relates the page you want to automatically fill.Next start the task by selecting “One time”.Next select the time that you want it to run.  Be sure to give a little margin for error if the auto fill is time sensitive, or if going for a concert purchase maybe run it 2 seconds after the gates open.Next select “Start a program”.Click on Browse and then find the ShortCut you created with RoboForm and select the one you want to run that you placed on your Desktop.Next be sure to check “Open the Properties…” so you can set one last item.Next you will probably want to select “Run whether user is logged in or not.”  This way can ensure this will run if your computer is unattended.Next enter the password you use to log into your machine.  Click OK if you don’t enter a password when you log into your computer.

After this be sure to click OK, and now your automated Task to fill a certain webpage is complete!  To test your ShortCut go to your desktop and you will see a ShortCut like this.  Double Click on it and you should see…

Your page open and get filled in automatically.  The message you should see from Southwest should confirm you entered the correct Confirmation Number and Name but that you have tried to Check In too early.

I hope you enjoy automating some website form fills for your choosing!  Please comment and let me know all the cool uses you have found for this trick!

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  1. Sean says:

    But this is not complete, right? You still need to click checkin in the following page.

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