How do I log into Gmail / Google+ and Google Apps at the same time?

I’ve been struggling the last few days because I’ve been wanting to start using Google+ but I log in and work in Google Applications daily.  The problem is when I try to log into my Gmail account so I can use Google+, it logs me out of Google Apps.  Same thing happens when you log into Google Apps from Gmail / Google+.

Here is the solution (thank you Jersey!).  When you are logged into Google Apps, in the top right hand corner you will see your Google Apps email.  Click on it.  You will then see an option for “Switch Accounts”.  Click that.

Stay with me… as I know we don’t want to switch accounts but instead log into both.

You will now see “Sign into another account…”  click that link and sign into Gmail.

And… presto, you are now signed into both accounts and can stay logged into Google Apps but also be logged into Gmail / Google+.

Have fun Google+’ing!

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